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Respiratory disease outbreak: New Hampshire and neighboring states

Respiratory disease outbreak: New Hampshire and neighboring states
March 1, 2023

Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists have alerted us to a rapidly spreading canine respiratory disease, the origin of which has not yet been identified. It has proven to be fatal to several otherwise healthy dogs. BEVs has seen over 20 of these cases since early January. They have seen cases where COVID, bordetella, and canine influenza have been eliminated as the cause.

Cornell University is conducting a broad spectrum evaluation but the results may take as long as a month before they can identify the cause. In the meantime, it appears that this disease is spreading through both daycare and long-term boarding facilities as well as casual contact through play. Common symptoms are sneezing, eye discharge, foamy saliva, lack of appetite, fever, and fatigue. If your dog shows any signs of being unwell, please keep them home and away from other dogs. If you would like us to check your pup out, reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

  • Cornell posted the following on a similar outbreak in New Hampshire:
  • WCAX ran a story on this and you can view it on their website